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Head to the South is a type of red and black that is not strange to the people of our country because it is so popular everywhere. This is a subject that brings many levels of emotions from nervousness to calculate moves to joy when getting a prize. If you are unclear about this game, please follow the following article to update useful and interesting related knowledge.
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Some basics about Tien Len Southern for new recruits

Tien Len Nam is a type of game in which people will use the main tool to compete with each other, which is a deck of 52 cards. For online play, each game will require 2 to 4 members to participate and each player will be dealt a random deck of 13 cards by the system.

According to the general rule, the first place winner will be the one who plays all his cards before the remaining opponents. The other friends continue to go to find the second, third and bottom runner. At this time, it will be time to receive rewards and penalties. Depending on the initial contract of each game, members will bet the corresponding amount.

Revealing terms that often appear in card games

Tien Len Nam is a special game with many slang words used throughout the participation process. If you do not clearly understand what these terms mean, you will easily fall into a state of “surprise, bewilderment and surprise” or lose opportunities to rise to a leading position.

Below is a summary of basic words that people often mention while betting is taking place, specifically:

  • Junk: refers to odd cards that cannot be combined with other cards to create valuable combinations.
  • Pair: is made up of two cards with the same number. If there are three cards of the same value, it is called Sam Co.
  • Straight: is a collection of three cards with consecutive values, for example, if you have cards number 3 – 4 – 5 in your hand, they form a straight (tree) Tien Len Nam.

Revealing the special rules in the game Tien Len

In addition to the terms that this may be the first time you hear about, Tien Len Mien Nam also has many interesting gaming rules. Betting becomes more exciting than ever when people make the most of these rules to block their opponent’s moves or win absolutely.

Go white in Moving to the South

Going white in the game Tien Len Mien Nam only happens if the player possesses special and rare combinations. And when anyone plays the cards according to regulations, the bet will end right there because this member has won without losing any effort.

Surely you are very curious about which cases are considered winning in the game Tien Len, let’s take a look at the combinations on this list.

  • Four precious pigs: this is a way to refer to people who have four number 2 cards at the same time. Originally, number 2 (pig) is the most valuable card in Tien Len, so of course whoever has this combination is considered the winner. white.
  • Any six pairs: as long as there are 6 pairs in the 13 dealt cards, you will automatically win white in this game.
  • Five pairs of cards: quite a rare situation because you must meet two conditions: there are 5 pairs of cards and they must all have consecutive values.
  • Four of a kind: for this combination, members only win when it is the first bet that everyone participates in.
  • Dragon Hall: this is a word that refers to a card starting from card number 3 and ending with card A. It is extremely difficult to get out of this hall, so whoever is lucky enough to own it, victory will be within reach.

Chop pigs

In addition to the situations of “winning without fighting”, the rules of cutting pigs are also something that many people are interested in. As you know, card number 2 has extremely great value. If anyone throws it, it will be very difficult for other players to block it. However, the Southern Tien Len card game still has a way to solve this move of the opponent, if you have the following combination in hand:
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  • Three pairs of cards: refers to three pairs of cards in consecutive order (for example pair of 9, pair of 10, pair of J called three pairs of cards) and in this case you can only block 1 pig.
  • Four of a Kind: is defined as 4 cards of the same value but different suits and they can cut 2 pigs at the same time.
  • Pigs have higher qualities: 52 Western cards are made up of 4 suits with a power scale of hearts > diamonds > diamonds > spades. Therefore, if your opponent produces a flying pig, you can use a checkered pig or a mechanical pig to fight back.

The above article has helped people understand more about the definition as well as the unique rules in Tien Len Mien Nam. What are you waiting for? Invite your teammates to join this red and black game aboveNew88 Please.

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