What is 4 Player Fish Shooting? Ultimate New88 Fish Hunting Guide

4-player fish shooting is an entertainment game that is taking the market by storm today. With this version, you can join with your friends and relatives. In the following article, same www.new889.blue Discover in detail how to effectively hunt fish online with 4 people.

Overview of the 4-player fish shooting game

Fish shooting is an entertaining game that is certainly no longer strange to many people. There are more and more online versions of hunting for you to freely choose from. In particular, 4-player fish shooting is becoming a game that attracts a large number of customers to register to experience it.

According to reviews, the game has a very high reward rate, simple gameplay, and interesting challenges. In particular, this upgraded version allows you to experience it with friends and relatives.

Specifically, the fisherman will join three other people to form a team of four members to confront each other. This brings fierce, dramatic competitions and ensures fairness for all fishermen.

Objective comments on the 4-player fish shooting game

Immediately after its launch, this game was highly appreciated and loved by many people. If you are interested in it, please refer to the objective reviews below:

About the game’s theme

The theme of this version is very diverse, not just a regular fish hunting game. The house provides a series of new and convenient features to make your experience smoother.

In addition, the interface of 4-player fish shooting is also designed to be modern and realistic, completely different from previous traditional versions. Besides, the system also adds a series of marine species, including monsters, giant fish, and even aliens. This is the advantage that creates the irresistible attraction of the four-person fish hunting game.

Sound and image

Fish shooting games have never disappointed you in terms of image and sound. The same goes for 4-player fish shooting, all details in the game are designed very meticulously, meticulously and professionally.

3D graphics with diverse colors create an eye-catching entertainment space, very suitable for relaxation. Besides, the sound is also invested in quality, bringing a fun atmosphere, stimulating the fishermen’s desire to conquer challenges.

Diverse features

As mentioned, this form of fish shooting is equipped with many new and modern features. It has the effect of supporting the hunting process to earn rewards for you, making it easier to win.

Especially in thefish shooting 4 playersThere are also features that help members save a lot on ammunition upgrade costs. These include automatic shooting, target locking, electric grids, lightning, etc. These are weapons that help you improve your ability to kill large prey.

Instructions on how to shoot fish with 4 simple players

This game has a gameplay no different from regular fish hunting versions. It also has its own scoring system, for example, if you shoot a bullet at a prey worth one point, it will be destroyed immediately. Each marine species will be assigned a different number of bullets to destroy. Specifically:
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  • Normal, mass fish will need from 2 to 10 bullets.
  • Fishtail requires 20 bullets.
  • Sharks need up to 30 bullets to be defeated.
  • Blue angelfish require 10 to 20 bullets.
  • Red angelfish need from 10 to 30 pellets.
  • Water dragons need at least 200, special fish need at least 300.

Sharing great 4-player fish shooting tips

Although simple, to win, players should also equip themselves with some specific experience. You can refer to and apply the following effective techniques:

  • Speed ​​is one of the factors that plays a very important role, affecting the winning or losing results of fishermen. You need to remember that you are participating with three others. Therefore, you must have a plan to adjust the speed to the most suitable level.
  • Each person will have a different level, so you need to choose a room that is suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner, join the basic room. As your level increases, you can challenge yourself in more difficult rooms.
  • Actively destroy new prey that appears from the screen to increase your chances of winning.
  • Choose reputable hunting playgrounds to be assured of safety and receive ripe rewards.
  • Make the most of the weapons you can use to destroy the most prey.


So the above article has just introduced and objectively evaluated the extremely famous 4-player fish shooting game in Vietnam. Please take the time to learn in detail the rules of the game, basic gameplay and equip yourself with lots of experience to conquer the big prey in the game.

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