What amenities do Luxury Assisted Living Facilities typically offer

Are luxury assisted living facilities living up to their “luxury” status? When people hear the word “luxury”, they think of luxury hotels, fine dining and high-end spas. Although an assisted living community may not feel like a luxury vacation spot, it offers many amenities that can improve the quality of life. We’ll be taking a closer look at the most common luxury assisted living amenities so that you can determine if they meet your expectations.

Restaurant-Style Eating

Residents can feel like they are in a restaurant, without ever leaving their assisted living home. Professional chefs prepare freshly prepared meals for residents, which include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The team is committed to offering friendly customer service and freshly prepared meals with a smile. It’s convenient, and seniors can socialize with each other over delicious meals at any time that suits them best.

Bistro & Bar

The community serves as a gathering place for residents and guests. This bar serves delicious snacks and drinks to make everyone feel at home. The restaurant and bar offer assisted living residents a place to enjoy quality time together, while enjoying the warm wooden accents and intimate seating arrangements. The restaurant & bar at an assisted living facility is sure to make every meal a memorable experience.

Pool & Terrace

The terrace and pool provide an outdoor area for relaxation and fresh air. It is a great place for friends and family to get together and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Swimming is made easier by accessible pools that have steps or lifts. Terraces can be designed with seating, landscaping and lots of shade. These amenities allow assisted living residents to be active outdoors, which is a great way to keep them healthy.

Art Studio

Sunscape Boca Raton offers an art studio as an added benefit. A dedicated space for residents to express their creativity helps seniors feel happier and more positive. The art studios help to keep assisted living facilities lively by allowing seniors to socialize and create their art in a stimulating environment. Art studios allow assisted living residents to find new hobbies, reconnect with old friends and pursue creative fulfillment. This is vital for all stages of life.

Luxury Assisted Living Facilities

This article should have helped you to understand the typical amenities that luxury assisted living facilities offer. Although every facility is unique and there are always exceptions, these are the most common features that you can expect. This list will help you to decide if Sunscape Boca Raton is right for you. Thank you for reading.

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