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Great Power’s LiqPack Series: A Breakthrough in ESS Energy Storage Technology

Great Power, a frontrunner in the energy storage sector, introduces the LiqPack series, a groundbreaking achievement in ESS energy storage technology. This series represents their continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge and reliable solutions for diverse energy storage needs.

LiqPack- Revolutionizing Energy Storage

The LiqPack series, comprising LiqPack-1P48S 280Ah and LiqPack-1P52S 280Ah, showcases Great Power’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of ESS battery technology. These liquid-cooled packs, designed for container and cabinet energy storage systems, bring a new level of efficiency and innovation to the industry.

Efficient Thermal Management

Great Power’s LiqPack series incorporates advanced thermal insulation between cells, eliminating heat diffusion and ensuring a uniform temperature difference within 2 ℃. This precision in thermal management guarantees stability and reliability in energy storage applications, setting a new standard for performance.

Robust Safety Features

With a metal casing providing thermal insulation, preventing heat diffusion at temperatures up to 1000℃, the LiqPack series adheres to the highest safety standards. Achieving UL 9540A certification and an IP 67 protection level, it reflects Great Power’s commitment to delivering secure and dependable ESS energy storage solutions.

Global Recognition and Compliance

Great Power’s ess energy storage has earned worldwide certifications, the LiqPack series including UL9540A, UL1973, IEC62619, IEC61000, and UN38.3. This global recognition further establishes Great Power as a leader in the industry, complying with international standards and delivering top-notch ESS energy storage solutions.


In conclusion, Great Power’s LiqPack series represents a paradigm shift in ESS energy storage technology. Their dedication to innovation, safety, and global compliance positions them as a driving force in shaping the landscape of energy storage solutions, providing the industry with game-changing advancements in ESS battery technology.

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