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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: Why Choose Horow G10 as Your Home Smart Toilet

In the realm of smart toilets, the Horow G10 stands out as a beacon of innovation, luxury, and functionality. With its sleek wall-mounted design, advanced features, and superior craftsmanship, the Horow G10 offers a transformative bathroom experience like no other. Let’s explore why the Horow G10 is the ideal choice for your home smart toilet for sale.

Space-Saving Design

The Horow G10 is a wall-mounted smart toilet, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms where space is at a premium. Compared to traditional toilets with cisterns, wall-mounted toilets can save up to 12 inches of space, creating a more open and spacious bathroom environment.

Customizable Cleaning Solutions

The Horow G10 offers multi-level adjustable water temperature and pressure settings, allowing you to customize your cleaning experience to suit your preferences. Additionally, the forward and backward-moving stainless steel nozzle ensures thorough and precise cleaning for optimal hygiene.

Instantaneous Heated Seats

Say goodbye to cold toilet seats with the Horow G10’s instantaneous heated seats. Experience comfort and warmth around your hips, even on the coldest of days, making every trip to the bathroom a cozy and indulgent experience.

Odor Protection

The Horow G10 features advanced odor protection technology, ensuring a fresh and pleasant bathroom environment at all times. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a clean and inviting space that you’ll be proud to show off to guests.

LED Night Light and Dryer

Enjoy added convenience and comfort with the Horow G10’s LED night light and dryer features. The gentle glow of the LED night light provides visibility during nighttime visits, while the built-in dryer ensures that you leave the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed.


In conclusion, the Horow G10 is the epitome of luxury and functionality in the world of smart toilets. With its space-saving design, customizable cleaning solutions, instantaneous heated seats, odor protection, LED night light, and dryer features, the Horow G10 elevates the bathroom experience to new heights of comfort and convenience. Say goodbye to ordinary bathroom fixtures and hello to the future of personal hygiene with the Horow G10—your home’s ultimate smart toilet.

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