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Sungrow AC22E-01: The Reliable and Versatile Charging Solution for Residential and Commercial Applications

Sungrow, a global leader in renewable solar energy storage system, is proud to present the AC22E-01, a cutting-edge 22 kW residential and commercial charging solution. Designed with a focus on reliability, user-friendliness, smart management, and sustainability, the AC22E-01 sets new standards in the EV charging industry. Offering seamless integration and advanced features, this versatile wallbox empowers residential and commercial EV owners to enjoy fast and efficient charging while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Reliability and Versatility for All Environments

The AC22E-01 boasts integrated 6mA DC fault current detection, ensuring a safe and reliable charging experience for EV owners. Its robust IP65 rating makes it suitable for usage in nearly every environment, providing the flexibility to install the wallbox in various residential and commercial settings. Whether it’s at home, in workplaces, or public charging stations, Sungrow’s AC22E-01 guarantees consistent and dependable charging performance.

User-Friendly and Smart Management

The AC22E-01 simplifies installation with its Poka-Yoke connector, enabling a fast and hassle-free setup process. Its integration with a selective MID meter allows for accurate billing and precise monitoring of energy consumption. Moreover, the wallbox features dynamic load management, ensuring efficient energy distribution in scenarios with multiple charging stations. The cascading capability allows for the usage of more than one Sungrow Wallbox per combo-solution system, enabling scalable and optimized charging solutions. With the standard OCPP protocol, seamless communication and data exchange with charging station management systems become effortless.

Sustainability at its Core

Sungrow’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the AC22E-01’s design. By leveraging Sungrow’s 1/3-phase solution, the wallbox maximizes the usage of solar energy, making charging sessions not just about EVs but also about contributing to a cleaner environment. The AC22E-01 provides different charging modes, catering to various needs and preferences of EV owners, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial charging stations.


Sungrow’s AC22E-01 sets a new benchmark for reliability, versatility, user-friendliness, and sustainability in the EV charging industry. With its integrated safety features, seamless management capabilities, and commitment to green energy usage, the AC22E-01 ensures a convenient and eco-friendly charging experience for residential and commercial EV owners alike. As Sungrow continues to lead the charge in renewable energy solutions, the AC22E-01 represents another milestone in the journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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