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Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Alarm System: Enhancing Motorcycle Security

When it comes to safeguarding motorcycles from theft and unauthorized access, Steel Mate has developed an innovative solution that provides comprehensive protection. Their Motorcycle Security System incorporates advanced features such as water-resistant ECU, sensitivity adjustment, anti-jamming, and engine immobilization. This article explores the key features and benefits of Steel Mate‘s Motorcycle Alarm System, emphasizing its role in enhancing motorcycle security and providing peace of mind for riders.

Water Resistant ECU and Sensitivity Adjustment

Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System is equipped with a water-resistant Electronic Control Unit (ECU), ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, riders have the flexibility to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm system, allowing customization to suit their specific security requirements. This water-resistant ECU and sensitivity adjustment feature provides a robust defense against theft and unauthorized access.

Anti-jamming and Engine Immobilization

Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System incorporates anti-jamming technology, preventing signal interference and ensuring the alarm system functions without disruptions. In case of unauthorized tampering or attempted theft, the system activates engine immobilization, rendering the motorcycle inoperable and thwarting theft attempts. This dual-layer protection offers an added level of security, deterring potential thieves effectively.


Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System is a game-changer in motorcycle security, designed to protect against theft and unauthorized access. With its water-resistant ECU, sensitivity adjustment, anti-jamming, engine immobilization, arming and disarming options, mute arming, auto rearming, and armed warning, Steel Mate provides riders with a powerful and reliable defense system for their motorcycles. Invest in steelmate motorcycle alarm system today and enjoy enhanced security, peace of mind, and the freedom to ride with confidence.

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