Different Types of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a form of healthcare that aids individuals in improving their movement and managing pain. It also helps them recover from injuries or surgeries. You can use it to treat many conditions such as chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis, stroke, spinal cord injuries and chronic pain. There is a high chance that you will encounter a physical therapist at some point in your lifetime, regardless of who you are. No matter your stage in life or the reason you require physical therapy, there is someone who can help. Each individual can receive the right type of physical therapy. These are just a few of the most popular types of physical therapy, but they are not all.

Orthopedic physical therapy

This therapy focuses on the musculoskeletal systems, which include the bones, muscles and ligaments as well as tendons. This therapy is used to treat injuries and conditions that affect bones, joints, or muscles. This is often done after various types of surgeries that aid in the recovery process.

Neurological Physical Therapist

This therapy is used to treat neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord injury. This therapy focuses on movement, balance, coordination, and any impairments or limitations caused by the condition. They will hopefully be able gain more functionality over time.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

This therapy is designed specifically for older adults. It focuses on mobility, chronic pain management, and preventing falls. This therapy may include training in the use and care of assistive devices such as walkers or canes.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

This therapy is for children. It focuses on movement, mobility, and overall development. This therapy can be used to treat cerebral palsy, developmental delays or injuries. It is intended to improve their quality life.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy

This therapy improves the function of the heart, lungs and other organs. This therapy can be used to treat heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), and heart failure. It is also useful for those who have had heart surgery.

All-inclusive Physical Therapy Options

A physical therapist may provide physical therapy in a hospital, rehabilitation center or home. Or, it might be done outpatient or at home. No matter where you live or how mobile you are, a physical therapy professional will be able work with your needs. The treatment may include a combination or stretches and manual therapy, as well the use of assistive devices such as heat and cold therapy. Your condition will be assessed by a physical therapist who will determine the best treatment plan for you. Each person’s goals and needs will determine the treatment plan.

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